Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things I Do, Cont'd.

We have't done one of these in awhile. Let's continue the non-exhaustive list of Things I Do.

  • I always wash my hands before I unload clean dishes and put them away.
  • I also always wash my hands after loading up the dirty dishes.
  • I always wash my hands after putting a dirty load of clothes into the washer.
  • I also always wash my hands after putting a clean, wet load of laundry into the dryer, as previously covered.
  • I wash the top of pop cans, soup cans, veggie cans, well, all cans, before opening them. Especially tuna lids, because you use that lid to squeeze all the water out, and all the germs that were on that lid now find their way into your tuna.
  • If I take my shoes off at another person's house for whatever reason, I change socks upon coming home.
  • If I wore flip-flops that day and had to go barefoot at their house, I use alcohol-wipes on my feet when I come home. I know right?
  • Hey, I didn't say I was proud of this.
  • At least I don't go the Howard Hughes route.

  • I wash my hands after cracking eggs.
  • If I have to Have At my nose (scratching, rubbing, whatever), I wash afterward and then use hand sani too, and I scrape my nails across my hand-sanied palm to get the sani under my nails.
  • On the advice of a friend, I use tea tree oil shampoo in Maya's hair to hopefully ward off lice from preschool.
  • I Clorox-wipe all the items I receive in the mail, including sanitizing my sanitizer, and I order from Amazon constantly, so I am getting things like every day.
  • And let's wrap up today's list with this gem: I always, always shake and flap my towels vigorously before using them to dry my body. I step out of the shower, grab my towel, and shake it. This comes from growing up in a house full of cats, who loved to lounge upon the clean laundry, so I always had to shake the cat hair off (GROCE). My husband and I have had cats at one point, who of course similarly lounged upon the clean laundry. But the thing is, we don't have cats now, and haven't for quite a long while, and I also was sans le chat for years and years in my young twenties, but the shaking of the towels is so, so ingrained that I will do it forever.

More Things I Do to come.


  1. LOL! You crack me up! I'm sure you don't find it very funny though. If it makes you feel better, I'm totally with you on washing the top of cans - God only knows what's touched the tops of those things. I have my own little quarks too. Like I have to pick out that white globby thing that hangs off the yolks of eggs when I them. It weirdz me out!!

  2. Yeah, as you'll hear me quote Billy Crystal regularly, "It's not funny, it's not fun." But I still like to make everyone laugh. :D

    And ewwww at that little white egg thing. I HATE that. Like, is it the poor little embryonic chickie's umbilical cord or what? *herk*

  3. You so funny......I have to do the same thing with cans....OCD'er unite

  4. Totally, Mommy Bags. Who knows who has sneezed on those cans or what rats have pooped on those cans.

  5. Everything I do now that I know is gross makes me think of you and how you would disapprove. you buy used things (like stuff from consignment sales)?

  6. EXACTLY! Rat poop, Cockroach poop, etc. etc. Geeeerrossss!!

  7. Thea: I actually really love Value Village and places like that, because I grew up ridiculously poor and am a sucker for a good bargain. It's just a tenuous mental-health balancing act when I do visit those stores, though.

    I blogged about it once--see this entry:

    So yeah, I love me some used clothes, but man do I need a good hot bleach bath afterward.

  8. I agree with an earlier comment - I think about you when I do something I know you'd gag about. Like when I let Caius eat a noodle that had fallen on the table at Panera last night. A table I did not clorox wipe before we sat down. :)


    See kids, you're not supposed to just think about me and then do it anyway, you're supposed to LEARN from me and NOT do it!! ;)