Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Musings.

I wonder if it's possible to catch more than one cold at once?

I think the answer I like best is, "Technically, it is possible to become infected with two different strains of the cold virus at once but it is very doubtful that that will make your symptoms worse."

I think it's clearly possible, but that you'd never know.


  1. Girl I swear between peeps not washing their hands and the damn germ carrier aka my child it is impossible not to get sick. My little one was sick a few weeks ago now once again she has snot running down her nose damn - *shaking fist*

  2. Has it always been this way? Or is it just a daycare/school thing?

    I just can't stand how blasé others are about germs. It's their fault we get sick. *cry*

  3. You got me this morning. I don't think I should open your site until after my third cup of coffee. It just popped up there and there was that God-awful sneeze picture--I almost dropped the laptop on the floor.

    Thanks ;)

  4. I can't wait until you post your next blog entry, simply because that means that nasty sneezing picture will move out of frame! GROSS.