Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sick like the Dog.

So over here we've all been sick. First I puked (ALL OVER THE CARPET).

Then Maya had a bought of about 7 pukes overnight in her bed, and during the next day, and then Naomi threw up once. Needless to say, this house smells like ralph, no matter how much carpet cleaner I use and no matter how many baths we give the kids and no matter how many holiday-scented candles I burn.

And there is no end to the laundry I've been doing. We have a LOT of blankets in this house, and we are totally out. They're all in the wash.

I'm not sure if it's norovirus or what. ( I hear 'tis the season for it.) But we've been very unhappy. For the last two days Maya has eaten two Saltines and three spoonfuls of chicken & stars. Can't even keep water down. Luckily today she bounding around like nothing happened, although her appetite isn't quite back. Me, I'll still feel really nauseated. Want to barf ALL the time.

Let's the hub doesn't catch this things, because it's been miserable.

But for once, I have been able to comfort my babies with hugs and kisses, instead of feeling like they are poison.. I am able to love them, and kiss them, and hug them, and snuggle them, and hole their hair back, and wash out barf buckets. You know, like normal moms. I think my new anti-anxiety med, Vistaril, continues to work, even though it makes me sore sleepy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bathing With Your Beloved. Usually Disgusting, but Consider This.

Speaking of communal bathing......


"I love you, baby." - "I love you right back." "And your toe won't even accidentally enter my bits."

Sexy, segregated, sanitary. No soaking in each other's bumbum germs. Perfection. Will be installing one of these the moment we win the lottery.