Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Aww. My new buddy Thea over at The Lint Trap decided to give me an award today! TWO awards today! I get these awards, as she tells me, "because your posts make me pee in pants on a regular basis." Right back atcha, babe. ;) Wooo for pee-pee panties!!


W00t! I'm a versatile blogger ON FIYAH!

The rules of redeeming these awards are as such: Write seven things about yourself and then pass the award on to 10 other bloggers. 

Well OK then.

1. I have OCD. lulz.

2. When I was one year old, I held a live bumblebee in my hand for the entire duration of a car ride and wasn't stung, but the bee later emerged rather disheveled and buzzed off drunkenly. When I was 7, I was stung by a bumblebee on my butt and then had to sit through my cousin's theater performance for 3 hours on a metal folding chair. When I was 8, I was stung by a wasp on my elbow, and it left a scar, which I proudly displayed at show-and-tell. Two weeks in a row. I was mad proud, son. When I was 12, I was innocently picking huckleberries at camp and was stung by a bumblebee on my ankle, through my sock. Upon being carried back from the infirmary to my cabin, some asshead kicked the beehive and I was immediately stung on my nose by my eye. When my mom came to pick me up from camp the next day, she quite literally walked right past me and didn't recognize me, because of the swelling.

3. When eating Doritos, I do not just munch them up. I thoroughly lick each one on both sides, before consuming.

4. My first kiss took place behind the dumpster in 8th grade. He and I had planned it all out very carefully, but chickened out the first time. The next day, we again rendezvoused at the dumpster and it finally happened. Magic. Love. The smell of garbage wafting in the air. Oh, and as a cherry on top, 20 years later he turned out to be gay. Right-o, then.

5. I can swallow food and then "bring it back up" on command. I can even do this with liquids. This was a cool cool cool trick in 8th grade, and everyone was revolted astounded and my lunchtime antics.

6. My favorite book in the world is A Confederacy of Dunces. It was the first book to ever make me laugh out loud, and I still do, every time I read it. And I must have read it about 14 times by now. Oh, Ignatius, you mad genius you.

7. As mentioned somedamnwhere else in this blog, I've met Tim Curry in person. I saw him, wearing sunglasses and toting some ratty red luggage, in the baggage line at the Puerto Vallarta airport, and I whispered furiously to my husband, "I AM NOT KIDDING RIGHT NOW BUT THAT IS FUCKING TIM CURRY RIGHT FUCKING THERE." My husband didn't believe me at the time; though, in his defense, Tim did look a bit...off his game. Scruffy, big ol' belly, and all. But then I approached one T. Curry a moment later and requested that I take his photograph, and he said, in his rolling, rich, ridiculous, one-of-a-kind accent, "If I let you take a picture, everyone will want to. Rather, treasure this moment." I answered, "And you also." Later, I fuckin' totally took his picture, covert-like. 

(This was clearly in the days before cameras were awesome)

Moments after I chatted with the old Brit.

And that about does it. Thank you for your time.

Oh yes, but now to name my ten bloggers upon whom I wish to bestow this great honour!

1. http://parentwin.blogspot.com (Jo + Dar = 4evr)
2. http://hurbleburble.blogspot.com/ (because this chick is awesome and she needs to GET GOING on her blog!!)
3. http://mrsschneed.blogspot.com/ She's beautiful, she's interesting, and her kid is adorbz. /END TRANS
4. http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com/ Her blog is so full of fascinating, beautiful images, and we share a faith. Love that!
5. http://josieandme.blogspot.com/ This lady doesn't know me at all and likely never will, but I've followed her blog for years. Sweet, tragic, beautiful, sad.
7. http://babyfaithhope.blogspot.com/ Someone else who will never know me and will never see this, but whose blog has touched my heart so deeply.
8. http://chelle65584.blogspot.com/ Chelle. Love this girl already! 
9. http://mommybags.blogspot.com/ A fellow OCDer...you have a place in my heart already! ;)
10. http://mommamaynard.wordpress.com/ Wish I knew this girl in real life! :) xoxo, Jaime!

Anyway, you are all deserving of these two awards and may claim them at your leisure. Much love.

Oh, and thank you, Thea. This is a Major Award!!


  1. OMG OMG....I got some awards I feel so friggin groovy right now. Having a heart attack my little one just came in with sidewalk chalk all over her hands and face...Nooooo don't touch me!
    Seriously thanks :0)

  2. by the way I do the same thing as you on number 3. See we are weird!

  3. It's meant to be, Ciao Mama! ;)

  4. Congrats on the well-deserved awards! Your blog truly rocks!

    And thank you so much for awarding them to us!! You're too sweet!

  5. Congrats lady! You truly do have a way of making me laugh out loud. And, you have me double thinking things like, cooking meat with the same spoon!

  6. Thanks, Jo! Love the award love! If you saw what went down in my house tonight, I think you might issue a retraction. I may even need to bust out a mop--once I find it.

  7. Once again...I am peeing. So, the exact thing happened to my brother at camp. Stung several times and my parents walked right past him b/c he was so swollen. *weird* is it possible you are actually my brother posing as a blogging mother with OCD??? Glad you are excited about your award, yo. I will check out your recipents and show them some love!

  8. You guys crack me up.

    xoxo. :)

  9. OMG! I totally loved this post! The title made me read it. You're hilarious! Following from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop! Please follow back. Thanks! :) http://tigereyes2001reviews.blogspot.com/

  10. I found this post during a random google about Tim Curry and it's amazing! Can you remember if he was travelling alone? Thanks! :)

    1. He was totally alone. He was looking pretty beat--longish hair, biggish belly, plain old red suitcases. It was just the one and only T. Curry all by himself returning from a mystery trip to Puerto Vallarta. :) Man I wish selfies were a thing back then. I would have taken a million and tried to get him in the background.


  11. Ha!! International man of mystery. As per. I think he looks rather lovely with his tan and wildman hair. But there we go ;) Thanks so much for the reply!! x

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