Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Bidet Is the Drinking Fountain of Bum-Bums.

Doesn't the concept of bidets gross you the fuck out?

I mean, think about water fountains. Kids slobbering all over the spout and then letting water pour from their mouth all over the spigot from which you will later drink from.

Bidets are the same nonsense. Water shoots up your bidness, then falls down, getting all over tarnation, and the next time you use it, water shoots up from the same spout that bum-bum juice has just leaked down upon.

Water fountains are one of the grossest things I know. But imagine someone hanging their ass over one to clean it, and then drinking from it reusing it on your own ass. I can't. I can't even.

Oh, and this guy? I really, really, REALLY can't.

PSA: Never use a bidet unless you don't mind someone else's bum-bum germs all up in your crack.


  1. have you ever used one? i have never been in a rest room that had one, so i've never even been tempted. seems like the water would run down your legs and wet your pants.

    1. Never used one, never will.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Seems like you'd need a towel afterward.

  2. Have never used one, but a couple of the hotels we stayed in on our Euro-honeymoon had them. While I hadn't thought about the accumulation of bum-bum germs inside the bowl & sprayer. My lack of use was more a concern that the water would be ice-frikkin-cold...and I have no desire to give myself a cold-water enema.

  3. THANK YOU> YES THEY SEEM GROSS. (even though I read an article once about how they are supposed to be cleaner because you don't use your hands to wipe your ass.) Still would NEVAH.