Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun Friendly Phobic Fact Friday!

Public sandboxes are bacteria breeding grounds. 

Fact: If it's a public sandbox, or even your own sandbox left uncovered, there is no way to keep cats and critters out of it, and they will consider it a public litter box. Hear me now, believe me later.

Your child is at risk if they stick their fingers in their mouth after playing in sand soiled with animal feces. This can cause pinworms, roundworms, and hookworms, which can lead to fever, stomach pains, and intense itching of the bum-bum. 

They are also contagious and are spread from person to person, or by touching bedding, food, or other items contaminated with the worm's eggs. 

Children are especially vulnerable to hookworms, A hookworm infection occurs when larvae come into contact with human skin, through contaminated soil or feces (OR SANDBOXES). They penetrate the skin, making their way through the lungs to the small intestine, where they latch on and grow into adults, laying more eggs. They feed off the blood of the infected person, which can lead to anemia. 

And also a serious gross-out effect.


  1. I much prefer those boxes made from corn feed over sand and this is just another reason to add to that.

  2. Oh, this happened to us! The cat, not the worms. Our neighbor's cat kept using our sandbox as his litter box! I had replace ALL of the sand. I was so frustrated. We also bought a cover. I wanted to buy a motion activated sprinkler too, but he started staying away. Darn cat!

  3. I knew this one already. How about those ball pits they used to have in various play areas around the earth? YUCK!

    I thought of you yesterday....we were sitting in a hospital waiting room, and I swear I could HEAR the germs.

  4. Samantha: Corn feed! Never even heard of that option! Cool.

    GGM: Same here. We replace all the litter, then forget ONE TIME to put the lid back time...BAHHH.

    Janice: You read my mind. I already have ball pits on my list of things to talk about. ;) They're sooo bad! Oh, and I had a doc checkup yesterday too, and could feel every bacteria landing upon my skin.

  5. Thankfully, I had already eaten before I read this or I don't know if I would now!! I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC and RSS Reader. I would love a follow back on both of these when you get a chance. If you have FB I did not see it but will come back if you need me to follow there. Thanks for your help and have a hiliarious weekend (which it seems you already do)!


  6. I though of you today watching Yo Gabba Gabbe with E. They did the Tiny Ugly Germs song :) Check it out

    Also been meaning to link you the Bum Bum Song by Tom Green:

  7. I always think of things to ask you that don't relate to the current blog entry! Sorry about that. :)

    WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT PUSH BUTTON FAUCETS?? Today I went to a place that had push button faucets AND hand blowers - so no paper towels. Also I was wearing a tank top because it was 980988 degrees outside (so no sleeves to use to push on the faucet). What do you do in that situation?!?

  8. Jaime: hahahaha we sing the Tiny Ugly Germs song around here all the time! And OMG I haven't heard that Tom Green song in ages. I think it deserves a posting.

    Chels: What do I do? I die inside. But really, I just do the best I can. I push the button, get my hands wet, soap up, push the button again, and rinse as fast as I can. If I need to, I push the button again with my wrist or something. Then I push the air dryer on with my wrist or elbow. Then I use copious amounts of hand sani. :)

  9. my kids school uses sandtables (The sand is in a table...raised off of the ground) and they have tight fitting (Snap on!) plastic lids to protect the sand. when a class comes out on the playground the teacher uncovers the sand table. when they go back in the teacher recovers it. the sand in those tables is pristine!! I LIKE that they can't put their nasty feet in the sand and track all manner of animal urine and feces into the stuff they are using their hands in. my main fear with public sand boxes and sand in general that is not the sand where they go to school....are raccoon roundworms I worry HARDCORE about larval migrans!!!

    and it is at this point....that it occurs to me...that my reading this blog might be a bad idea for you if i comment!