Saturday, September 3, 2011

Threat Level: Midnight

Nah, I'm not really sorry. And my opinions on the Hygiene Hypothesis remain the same. But I do have to report in:


She has spent one day in preschool in her entire life, and she is now sick. Sneezing and stuffy. Awesome.

But I don't believe it's because she's a Bubble Kid. Since after all, even non-Bubble-Kids like Dar's get sick their first day, which has been a recent topic of discussion. :(

I guess it's just as a person who does not have OCD recently wrote: "Schools are a cesspool of germ, disease and horror. And that's just the staff room. Throw kids into the mix and you might as well just wrap yourself up in a bubble and stay home."

But fuck, man. Really? The first day? Now I know just how Darlena felt, except hers was Times Two.

(Also; I'm sure, positively sure, that no one out there is thinking, "Serves her right for being such a germ-freak," right? Right? Because it's my kid who's suffering. So this doesn't "serve anyone right." But I'm sure none of you would be so cruel as to think that.)

So now all I can do is pray to the Patron Saint of Five Month Olds and ask for mercy that Naomi not get sick.   :/

Panic Threat Level: Red.

Who am I kidding. Make that, Threat Level: Midnight.


  1. Oh, boo! So sorry poor Maya is sick. :(

  2. Yeah, no shit. My little angel started school on 8-18, had the sniffles the first week, and I'm just now getting over a massive head cold and my son (who is homeschooled) is getting it. Yippee. I mean, we go to the store, we go to the park, we visit family, and yet we manage to not get sick. Then ONE WEEK in school and everyone in the house is officially contagious? Damn damn double damn.

    Great post!

  3. Isn't it ridiculous? Bubble kids and non-bubble-kids alike...WHAM. SICK. Effin preschool, man. :(

  4. I know that it's not the reason you wrote this post but Strachan's hygiene hypothesis was based on data that related hayfever and eczema to the number of older siblings a child had. The data suggested that high number of older siblings was associated with lower prevalence of hayfever and eczema.
    People have tried to take this idea further but the above is what the hygiene hypothesis is really about.