Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jo, 1. Hygiene Hypothesis, 0. Dar, 2 sick kiddos. :(

So by now you're probably familiar with the back-and-forth  Blog War!!11  I'm having with my friend Darlena. (Well, it was supposed to be a war, but we love each other too much for it to be. Not to mention I'm too right for it to be. Snort.)

Anyway, so I started off the whole she-bang, she-bang.

I set out to say that the Hygiene Hypothesis is a bunch of bunk. P. Much.

Dar countered by expressing that it's all about moderation--she's not too worried if her kids touch notoriously germy things like shopping cart handles, etc. She explained that to her, mental health is as important as physical health, and she just can't go on worrying about germs constantly. But, it was of note that her NON-Bubble-Kids did get sick their first day of preschool.

I followed up with a bunch of scientific hurble burble. People in another blog I write threw me to the dogs, saying that my OCD is not smarter than real scientists, saying that basically I'm not entitled to a dissenting opinion because OCD clouds my mind or some shit. Which I thought was a little harsh. But see, even certain scientists don't agree with the Hygiene Hypothesis, which I used as my "rebuttal."

After that, I added a blog about the emotional response that Dar's post had inspired.

And that's p. much where it ended, until today.

Until today when a new convert was born. And all the world Jo rejoiced!!

Well. I don't rejoice that her babies are slinging this virus back and forth like a snot-covered Frisbee. But you know.

So now I think Dar gets that it's a load of hooey. And as for the rest of you?


  1. LOL, actually, Jessica just schooled me saying that we aren't even talking about the real hygiene hypothesis. Although in your defense, you actually did mention it that first time. I just ignored it and misnamed my posts all over the place like the jerkhole I am! =)

  2. Yeah, that's one of the worst parts about the HH, how wildly people misinnterpret it and use it to just breeze over everything. Oh, your kid has a cold? She'll have a stronger immune system later. Oh, your kid has a staph infection? She'll have a stronger immune system later. Oh, your kid stubbed her toe? She'll have a stronger immune system later. Oh, your kid has a parasite? She'll have a stronger immune system later.

    The original HH set out to attempt to explain that early exposure to allergens and infectious agents meant fewer allergies, and less eczema and asthma. Not that getting colds and flu makes you somehow stronger.

    But even when the HH is interpreted correctly, there are still major flaws with it and lots of scientists and non-scientists who disagree with it. :)

  3. I gave you a lovely little award over at The Lint Trap. Mostly because your posts make me pee in pants on a regualr basis. Swing by and pick it up!