Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bathing With Your Beloved. Usually Disgusting, but Consider This.

Speaking of communal bathing......


"I love you, baby." - "I love you right back." "And your toe won't even accidentally enter my bits."

Sexy, segregated, sanitary. No soaking in each other's bumbum germs. Perfection. Will be installing one of these the moment we win the lottery.


  1. Please tell me you watch New Girl.

    "Bathtubs are medieval filth cauldrons! Pass."
    "I'm not interested in simmering in testicle tea for 20 mins."

    That being said I prefer to be alone in the bathroom for anything I am doing, at all times. Mostly because it is the only time I get peace. Except I don't because we only have one bathroom and everyone is always up in bid'ness when I am in there.

    That is all. and if you don't watch New Girl, you should start. It will make you pee your pants.

  2. Love the concept...........however I will not.....let me re-phrase....CANNOT sit in a bathtub. I can't fathom sitting in water that is meant to wash the dirt/scum off me. What are you sitting in then? Dirt. Scum. (not to mention any left-behind fecal matter that washes off into the water...) No thank you. I will stand in the shower -- oh so carefully -- as not to let the shower curtain touch me. Ugh.

    1. Isn't that the worst, when the curtain billows in on you and TOUCHES YOU??

  3. I like the IDEA of hanging out in a tub w/the Hubs, but it never works out so well in practice. First...I have to KNOW the tub is clean. 2nd, both myself and the Hubs would also need to be clean. If we're not clean, we should just be taking a shower together. Not making a giant pot of sweat gumbo. Then, there's the matter of the tub itself. Is it deep enough? Is it wide/long enough? Are there jets? Does the drain plug actually work? (That last one is extremely important...found that out on our honeymoon. If you have jets but a non-working drain plug, after about 15 minutes, someone's getting shot in the face with a stream of water.)

    Since none of these conditions are true in our house, it just doesn't happen. On the rare occaze, I scrub the bejeezus out of my tub, and THEN take a detox bath all by my lonesome. Well...with a glass of wine and some music and maybe a candle, and possibly a book I'm not afeared of getting wet.