Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Speaking of Clean but Cluttered...

As an addendum to the post previous to this one...

As you know, I take a plethora of pills for my OCD, a veritable cornucopia if you will, and some make me sleep like the dead at night.

But apparently last night, at some point, while still sleeping like the dead, I sat up and wrote one single word on my hand:


Why? Why did I write this? I have no idea. I do not know what I was thinking, what was going through my head, but I do know that when I write things on my hand at night, it's because I have just had a genius idea that must not be forgotten come morning time. 

But I forgot it.

And it couldn't have been the idea to write the previous post re clean but cluttered, because I actually wrote that one days ago but didn't publish it until now.

Any ideas?


  1. i think it's funny that you write on yourself in your sleep. at least you have legible handwriting even while zonked out.

  2. Huh! well, maybe it'll come to you later?

    If you see the word 'longer' written on your hand tomorrow, you'll know it was a cue to write yourself longer notes in the middle of the night, so next time you'll know what you mean ;-)

  3. hahaha Lisa!! Or maybe "don't be an idiot" or "come on, make some sense, woman." If I can write that much while totally asleep. ;-)

  4. totally you get your nails done? like at a place? that could give you some freakish fingernail funk? i am in utter shock. how do they not fall off with all of your handling of caustic cleaning chemicals? these are questions that need to be answered. I will await your response.

  5. I do get them done, Thea! I blogged about it here:

    Usually I just get them painted pale pink, but I tried a French mani this time. And yes, I absolutely worry about fingernail funk...And the paint does chip and get kinda ratty with all my scrubbing and washing and such, but it does a surprising job holding up!

    I hope this answer satisfies you.

  6. FYI-izers... I made a comment from my RSS feed in that other you-know-where post...I don't see it coming up here...but did it still get to you? I'm so corn-fused!!!

  7. Nope, guess that really doesn't work, I don't see it anywhere. Just this comment right here. Boooooo.

  8. Well, I do have this blog bookmarked, so I guess if I'm on the other place, and I see something I want to make a comment on, then I guess with a few extra mouseclicks I can just come here & make it! (though I don't get any notifications anywhere when you reply or additional people

  9. Urm...I may have fixed that with that fancy lil' "subscribe" button down there...

  10. When you're elsewhere and you see the RSS feed, doesn't it show a link directly to each entry at the beginning of the RSSed feed? That should make it easier...if you want to comment, you can just click that link and it will take you here to comment. That's how it works for me and other people's blogspots, anyway.