Thursday, October 13, 2011

Naomi's New Friend.

I declined just this once to heed my own advice and let my baby girl enjoy her new best friend.

Hey, maybe this is a step in the less OCD right direction. David P. Strachan would be right proud. Except that Naomi is probably licking off Windex and Clorox, and that's not exactly what he intended. But surely there's some fly vomit in there as well, to boost ye olde immune system.

"Who, me, making out with an adorable chick?"


  1. Those are truly great pictures. You do know, a few immune system boosts have to happen in baby life.

    I suspect that girl will have a great mom.

  2. Into everyone's life a little fly vomit must come. :)


  3. LOL!!! Too cute! Nothing like a little fly vomit to boost baby's immune system!! Way to go, MOM!