Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Friendly Phobic Fact Friday!

"Dude, Five-Second Rule!"

The five-second rule is a myth. But you know that deep down, don't you? Studies found that "where the food contacts the floor, there’s just as much transfer in 5 seconds as in 60."


  1. Bawabbbhaaaa that is friggin classic

  2. Mythbusters did a thing on this. AND the double dipping thing. So gross. We don't have a 5 second rule. We also don't eat things that fall on the couch...your bum bum goes on the couch! Farts and sharts, OH THE HORROR.

  3. "You going to get that?"

    "No. It fell."

    "Five second r-"

    "I want it to be very clear that you've given me an extremely good reason to slap you, because once I've done that I'm going to have to wash my hands because I don't trust the hygiene of your face."


    "Today's lesson in hygiene brought to you by basic science."