Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Musings.

If the sun is a natural disinfectant, why does everything outside remain so full of germs?

Dammit, why did I Google-Image "dirty" without the safe-filter?

With the sun pounding down on it, why is everything still so...dirty? 

Like...dirt? doo? tin slides?

One wonders.


  1. i bet you did get some rauncy by googling dirty! i once googled "beaver" with the safe filter off because i was trying to find an actual beaver picture. o.m.g. big mistake with child close at hand!

  2. hahaha, BEAVER! Never Google with children looking on! :D

  3. Hey had a fun experience when I tried to google Sorority Girl - needed a demur pic for my blog boy was I wrong

  4. Yeah, you can imagine it's fun times around here when googling for bum-bum germs and such. ;)