Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings.

Can you disinfect paper? One wonders.

There's got to be a way. I'm someone who is (surprise surprise) SUPER squicked out by things like library books. I use Clorox wipes on those like crazy--that is, on the hardcovers or on the shiny removable book covers. I even Clorox-wipe brand-new Amazon books, fresh from the mailbox (then again, I Clorox-wipe all my Amazon goodies, books or not).

So the library book cover can be cleaned--but what of the paper pages that 8 billion and counting have touched? Surely germs survive on paper, but is there a way to clean those pages? And what about things like--shudder--book lice? Molds, bacteria?

I've heard that you can clean paper egg crates by microwaving them. An interesting concept. But it's not like I can just run to my nearest library and then take The Help and fuckin' nuke it on high for 25 seconds. Well, not without risking meltdown.

Anyway, this is something I will continue to pursue. An OCD practice I will surely seek to perfect. Because I can clean off 8 billion hands from book covers all right, but there are countless boogers and bum-bum germs on the pages that lie within, and that is just not OK with me. Not remotely OK.


  1. This is very apropos as I just bought a bunch of books for Caius a Value Village. Who KNOWS where those books have been...

  2. Well, do your bestie a favor and at least Clorox off the covers of those bishes. :)

  3. Already done, babe. :) I also did a quick wipe of the edges of the pages (when the book is closed), but that's all I can get myself to do...