Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings.

Can you even imagine all the bum-bum germs in a foam party? That shit can't be chlorinated. And I mean, it's soap, but so is the filthy stuff you rinse OFF your hands. Soap doesn't automatically make it clean. Soap doesn't disinfect ALL THOSE DANCING BUM-BUMS.

You think you're having good, soapy fun...

But here's what's really going on:

Hoookay...y'all g'head and enjoy your sudsy sudsy bum-bum germs! 

...I'll sit this one out.

PS: You'll probably have to be a regular, long-time reader 'round these parts to fully appreciate that second photo and all its component bits. snort.


  1. ha! i would love to go to a foam party! maybe i'll try to convince my kid to go with that for her next birthday party.

  2. I went to a foam party once upon a time, though it wasn't as crazy as all that. I think they had one foam-squirter thing set up on one end of the room & it just eventually kind of traveled. Totes ruined a pair of shoes and my jeans were wet from the knees down.

    NOTE: Love that you worked Edible Arrangements into your foam party.

    Second NOTE: Update on our experiment--the RSS doesn't appear to have worked. No feed. Boo. But I'll try to remember to come over here regularly. :D

  3. Boo on the comment thing. But what I do when I want to comment on something I see RSS'ed to my other journal is, I just click on the link that's in every RSS feed (that goes straight to the blogspot post) and comment over there at blogspot. Quick and easy. :) So I still read RSS'ed stuff over on my other journal, but just click to come to blogspot to comment.