Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Friendly Phobic Fact Friday!

When washing your hands, the parts of your hands most 
often overlooked are the thumbs. Specifically, the 
backs and fleshy parts of your thumbs.

And at the risk of getting too personal (HA! HA!), let me pose a challenge to you: The next time you are wiping your bum-bum after a nice dukerpoop (as my daughter calls it), please take extra special care to notice your thumbs and that they basically drag along your inner ass cheek as you wipe.

So please wash those fuckers with a little extra loving care.


  1. Wait...people don't wash that part of their hands? I am speechless.

    I'd also heard that most people don't wash in between their fingers. WTF is up with people? When you wash your hands YOU WASH YOUR HANDS. That means all parts. Is it that difficult?

  2. IKR? It's like watching 2-year-olds wash their hands. They spread their fingers and just rub their palms together, not getting any fingers or their thumb. Have adults no more sense than a 2-year-old? I ASK YOU THIS.

    And then there's the people who think that just the presence of soap ON your hands is what instantly kills germs. When in reality it's the manual labor part: the foaming and sudsing up literally washes them off and carries them to their foamy graves.

    My grandma's the worst. She knows she has to wash when she comes over, so she squirts the soap on, then immediately puts her hands under the water and it rinses right off. Nice "washing."

    Even people who give the appearance of washing don't tend to get their thumbs, the backs of their hands, around and under the nails, or like you said, between your fingers. GRODY TO TEH MAX0rZ!!11

  3. You'd love to hear this. One time in the bathroom at uni, while I was doing my hand-washing ritual, I saw a girl coming out of the stall. She ran TWO fingers under the tap for 3 seconds, then opened the door (with her bare hands, of course) and left. What, I don't even...

  4. Oh I have seen so many people do that. It's ridiculous.

  5. I just thought of something, and what better place to post it than as a question on your blog? :) Another handwashing question - how many people wash their hands after loading their dishwasher, or *before* unloading the clean dishwasher? Or after putting dirty clothes in the washing machine? Or before putting away clean clothes?

    Side note - I keep thinking I should have a "clean clothes only" basket, since it does kind of ew me out to put my clean clothes in a basket where I just pulled dirty undies from...

  6. See, you're thinkin like me now. I ALWAYS wash after putting away dirty dishes, and wash before unloading clean ones. I also ALWAYS wash after loading dirty clothes, and not only that, but after taking a wet, washed load out and putting it into the dryer. Wet, washed clothes still have tons of nasties on them, like fecal matter. :)

    These are totes on my list of "things I do." :)