Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Come ON You Guise.

I am sore disappointed in the turnout.

Go here immediately and answer my questions!

While you do so, I will tell the rest of you a story.


Once, when I was about six, my brother was taking Tae Kwon Do classes. I always tagged along. We got to know a few of the other families that sat on the benches watching. One of them was the family of Lance Max Fishback. (Would YOU ever forget that name?)

Anyway, one day Lance Max Fishback's mother offered me a carrot. A whole, unpeeled carrot (a whole, unpeeled, and possibly unwashed carrot, judging by the unmistakeable flavor of dirt). She handed it to me with her bare hands. I ate it.


But the horror lingers to this day.


OK. So I expect that by now you have GONE HERE and have made your self known.

Thank you,
The Management


Edit: I'm proud of you. You came through.


  1. This is going to freak you out, but as a kid I used to share carrots with my horse. He was my best friend, though, so this made it okay. Not sure I'd do that now, as an adult. No, definitely wouldn't go there...I'd just give him the whole carrot...

  2. Ohh Lisa, SAY IT AIN'T SO!!! I remember my cousin Sara used to feed her horse carrots, and I will never forget how much horse slobber got on her hands. I think she'd share foods with her horse too. ZOMG, the thought makes me want to faint. But not as bad as dog owners who let their dogs lick their (the owner's) mouth, even INSIDE their mouth. Gaahhhh.