Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So, I Wrote This Book.

Dear friends,

I wrote a novel when I was 18.

That was a great, great many years ago.

The book sucks, badly. I mean it's STUPID.

It is bizarre, to say the least. Oh, and it sucks.

But there are like five parts that still make me laugh out loud hysterically.

It's about a lunatic who is obsessed with the eradication of germs and contaminants.

Yeah, I see you smirking. You over there in the red. Shut up.

If I self-published this absolutely shit novel treasure on Kindle, would you read it?

Would you pay to read it?

What would you pay to read it?



  1. Whatever you charge, I would pay! :)

  2. i actually looked down to see if i was the one in the red.

  3. do it!! always wanted to write a book, you gots to publish it!! id totally buy it!! doooo itttt!! :-)

  4. Thankful that I am wearing a cream colored sweater! :) I think you could publish your blog! Even for those who aren't OCD it is entertaining!

  5. Ches: You woull,d shake your head and go, "This shit sucks." I'm afraid for you to read it! :)

    Sherilin: snort.

    Amanda: I'm temmmmpted...

    Maria: Zawww, you're sweet. :) Thanks all!

  6. Do it! Now!

    I found you on FB, by the way. You can't hide from me. I'm all-seeing.

  7. But if I publish it and share it with you kind folk, you will all be like, "Oh my. I used to think Jo was funny and clever. But that book...OH MY. She's actually really ridiculous."

  8. I don't have a Kindle...I have a Nook. :(