Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Just Lost All Respect for Snooki and Deena.*

* HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Never had any in the first place.

But guys. Guys. This. Just,

Well, let the pictures of this recent episode of Dirty Shore speak for themselves.

As Snooki and Deena leave a public restroom:

Stay klassy, girls.


  1. They are classless trash but damn I can't help but watch the show bad train wreck!

  2. ick! no chance they were promoting hand sani in place of actual washing? i've done that if the washing facilities look really dirty.

  3. MB: I KNOW. It's just awful but so goooood.

    Sherilin: Not a chance. They walked right out the stall back into the club.

  4. I'm no TV snob, but I don't get that show. I don't get ANY of that reality genre--real housewives, the Kardashians, whatever. It doesn't take much to make a celebrity, that's for sure.

    Now I can say I have a legitimate reason for my dislike of them. Jo to the rescue!

  5. Guess they figure they've got enough STDs floating around inside their bodies...what's a few more bumbumgerms on the outside? Ugh.

    PS--keep your eyes peeled for an update on one of my blogs later today...I took a pic while on vaycay last weekend that is specicicicifically for you. :D

  6. Janice: Don't you diss my reality shows! They are like crack. :)

    BLK: HA! I know, there's nothing they haven't already caught.

  7. thank god...I was starting to think you had an accident in which all your fingers were lost and therefore you had stopped blogging. and then I remembered that we were playing words with friends so I revised my theory. you were just to busy to blog. Then I remembered (again) we were playing words with friends and I revised my theory again. You just enjoy torturing me.
    Glad your fingers are okay. shew.