Friday, January 13, 2012

Obsessed with reality tv!

This guest post from Mickey Garza.

I have become obsessed with reality television shows. I know they have become the new fad, but I used to hate them. The only reality show I watch was “The Amazing Race”, which isn’t even a true reality show. I guess it might go into the category of game show. Nonetheless, it was once the only show I watched. Now every show I watch is a reality show. I even got excited when I saw direct tv madison offered a reality television channel. Last year I would have thought it was a terrible idea. I would have gone on to question the people who would watch it. Now I find myself calling them to get it added to my lineup. I am wondering what has happened to me. Have I stopped using my brain to watch television? Have I started enjoying over dramatized lives? I guess the answer to all the questions is yes. But I am happy right now and I enjoy the shows, so I guess there is not anything wrong with it.


  1. I love Big Brother but I pass the time with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Oh... I almost forgot Intervention! That's quality TV!

  2. LOOOOOVE Big Brother, and Intervention too. Appropriate for this post!

  3. oh yeah, i do love some reality shows. project runway, bachelor/ette, america's next top model, top chef, work of art, bad girls club.
    dang, i think my IQ points must be dropping as i type that.

  4. Oh, oh, and any and ALL Tori & Dean shows. Love that bitch so hard.

  5. Ha! I was hooked on reality tv long before it was cool to be hooked. I won't ever stop watching reality shows. Yeah, there's a lot of drama on there but at the same time, I love people watching and reality tv takes it a step further by letting you into their lives to do some serious watching.
    Great guest post. :)

  6. I have to limit myself to the competition type shows that actually require some sort of skill. Top Chef, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, that sort of thing. And of course all things Discovery/History Channel, like Swamp People, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, or Deadliest Catch. Does Dirty Jobs count as reality TV? Because I do so love me some Mike Rowe.

    (And every once in a while I get sucked into an episode of Extreme Couponing. I'm waiting for the crossover "Hoarders: Extreme Couponing Edition". I will DVR that b*tch.)

  7. Bobbilynne: See, for me, I like the trashier shit. Bachelor, Bachelorette, Big Brother, etc. It's soooo entertaining.

    1. I did get sucked into a couple seasons of Big Brother--one only because I knew one of the contestants. But he got knocked off about mid-season, so I stopped watching. But the drama and the backstabbing on the trashier stuff...I just can't do it. It causes me to lose faith in humanity...I just see us slipping a little too close to the movie "Idiocracy" & Dax Shepard shouting out "'Batin'!" while watching people getting hit in the nuts on his JumboTron. :)