Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow, Colds, and Toe-Sucking.

OK. So Maya and I just got home from a birthday party, and also the most treacherous drive I've ever driven. The snow here is craaazay right now, and nothing was plowed, and it was a near disaster. My Jeep slipped and slid so much I thought we were done for. Then at one point, I had to run a red light at a major intersection, because I could. not. stop.

Then coming home, I so damn-near hit the truck in front of me I about peed my trou. It was miserable. We were thisclose to needing abandon ship and to swim home.

But hey, the party was fun. Except for the people with colds, hacking their lungs out. :)


Besides sharing the details about my hellacious journey with you folk, I also wanted to share something else. On the road (of doom) coming home, I passed a store. It was called "Sweet Feet." Below their billboard was a sign. And here I quote.

"Ice Cream Flavored Pedicures"

What. I mean, just, what. Not ice cream scented, but ice cream FLAVORED? Because, uhhh, someone's gonna snack on your toes? Lick those babies? Suck your sole? WTF.

"Honey, I just had the most fantastic pedicure. Come taste my toes!!"

Good grief.

I have a suggestion for Ben & Jerry's. If we have ice cream flavored pedicures, how about this?



Now then. If this blizzard would kindly stop, as we have to make a two-hour drive to Great Wolf Lodge tomorrow morning. D:


  1. You do know Great Wolf Lodge is a water park, right?

  2. hahaha I know, I know! And I'm going to die a thousand deaths and panic nonstop, but dammit, we're also gonna have a good time. :)

  3. I am so grossed out with the foot tasting business! So... Is it a pedicure place that also sells ice cream? Because while I still find that gross to eat with the a bunch of people's feet all hanging around naked, it would be better than flavored feet. I'm so confused. LOL