Saturday, September 8, 2012

Misheard Lyrics, Bum-Bum Style.

While I'm sitting here being all sick and miserable, I thought I'd blog some total bullshit. To brighten your day and mine. And yes, if you are my FB friend, you know I've posted these ALL OVER CREATION because apparently I think I'm a wizard, a genius. But I happen to think it's the funniest thing since, well, since my last funny blog post.

I got nothin' else for ya. Because I'm sick like the dog. But. I've been on a kick lately of transcribing hard-to-understand lyrics, especially from songs I've never heard before. I've done a few of these by now, but I think these are a couple of my crowning achievements.

This is supposedly "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins. I double dog dare you to listen to this song and read MY lyrics and just try to tell me I'm mistaken.

So on this dreary sick Saturday afternoon, I now present to you, "Memorite," by Jo:

Damn a right
Nobody better found me
I ain't gotta give me advice
Get ya just let it pee

No, nobody better 'bout me
You've gotta give me advice
Why don't you just let me pee

Do what you like
Do it in a net, say,
But if it's too freezy, 
the color just a game.

It's your life,
Isn't it a mystery
If it snow buddy's been there
Cuz everybody's game

So catch someday, all right!
No, now save it for the runway
Set safe the railing
Who yeah get you gonna get you with the dog

Doo doo doo doo doo doo

And the night
Nobody lookin' 'bout me
Why you gotta give me a thigh 
Can't you just let it pee

Don't nobody better bout me
You've got to give me a fly
Why don't you just let me pee

Who do you whoa
Who you gonna bitty thing
Who is a feeling
Make it up your my hind

You wanna listen to the mayor
Pay attention to the man's a steak
And belly gotcha in the moo
Listen to your hard beatin'

Hard beatin'
Hard beatin'

Don't it get your gloves on
Feels, you baby feel good

Let's see your nails

?? [Even Jo can't translate this shit] ??

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

Am I right?
Nobody better bout me
Why you gotta give me a thigh?
Can't you just let it pee

Am I right?
No, nobody better than me
You've got to give me a thigh
Don't you just let me pee

Am I right?
Nobody better than me
Why you gotta give me a thigh?
Can't you just let it pee?

Am I right?
Just let me pee.

Am the night
And the light
Just let me pee!
Hey damn!


 (poor dude just wants to pee!!)


And if that one doesn't do it for you, well, you know I've got another. I had never before in my life heard "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam, but I'm pretty sure I nailed the actual lyrics. Here I give you "Gobadoh," by Jo:

All a feeling, on a voice of little things
There's a sail, I wanna leave it again
Walk the dog hell, on a piece of little fee
On a sea, I wanna leave it again

On a reeling, on a wizard on a way, yeah
Ban a gold on a say than I wone wanna say that I gold out of a me
Damn the risen on a leave of gobadoh
I fed, I know what I will all about sole a back
A yeaaaah

Now you see them 
Ohhh Mama knows
Well I beg a my way, the house
The heya, bound a buoy yeah
And I know what I know I don't wanna pee.

Baby cries.

I don't know what a something, hell
On a gumball, on a whale
I betta, I don't I don't know ah well as a fox sold a fax
aw yeaaaaah

Now you see there
Oh a boy
Yeah, I make up my way
My tail, round up my way, yeah
And I know what I know, I don't wanna see you
I don't wanna staaaaaay
I don't wannna stayeeeeee
I don't wanna stay



Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all well. Also taking requests.

Now back to this regular old sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever kind of day.


  1. I'm totally jamming to Memorite right now.

    1. I seriously, seriously, seriously cannot stop singing "MEMORITE!" in my head.