Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fair Enough.

So last weekend was actually a delightful one. I somehow had enough energy and motivation, and slightly less anxiety, about getting out of the house and actually doing shit.

The first thing we did on Saturday was go to the local town center to have lunch with my husband's mom and grandma. I ordered ceviche, which of course is raw fish, so that in itself was "brave" of me to take that risk, since I'm usually so food-phobic, especially in restaurants. I mean, OMG WHAT IF I GOT A PARASITE? ...Well, come to think of it, a nice roundworm or tapeworm or two could help me shed some of this unwanted weight....


Anyway, my other major accomplishment was that I let the baby eat tortilla chips...straight off the restaurant table. Now, if you'll please recall, this is what I've previously wiped up when I use Lysol wipes on restaurant tables:

Totes groce right?

I admit I did give a cursory swipe of the table with Sani-Hands...

 ...but didn't do my usual crazed wipedown deep cleaning like a white demon on crack. The baby also touched things like, OMG, the highchair, and crayons, and other things, and I still let her eat chips with her hands. This is a major accomplishment!

Afterward, we all wandered the toy store, and I actually let my kids touch stuff. I know, right?

Doesn't mean I didn't use large quantities of hand sani the second we got back in the car to go home, but still. Baby steps. Baby steps.


Sunday was by far the most fun day. The fam and I went to a local Farmers Market. They had everything you could ever want, from fresh peaches and blackberries and raspberries and corn and cucumbers and plums, to pastries and headbands and fairy wings and knit blankets and and glass sculptures and jewel earrings and just basically every beautiful or crafty thing under the sun. I went a little crazy and ended by buying a lot of things. Here's some of my loot:

This one shows the fuckamaze flowers I bought for a mere US$10, plus fresh-picked raspberries, these divine tiny plums that look and taste a bit like cherries, some pickled garlic (omg my husband will move out if I eat these), spices to make chip-dips with (lime-cilantro, garlic-habanero, and garlic & chive), some honey sticks for Maya, and this gorgeous glass bottle painted with ladybugs, perfect for Naomi's ladybug-themed room. I plan to put some lovely red flowers in it instead of using it for, say, olive oil or something.

The next pic shows a few of the things I forgot to add the first time, namely, a beautiful ladybug bracelet made especially for my little ladybug Naomi, and some beer-bread mix.

And at last, one more picture of my flowers, because they are the most delightful thing I've seen in a long time:

They make me so happy as I sit here typing, even right now:

The market was right on the naval station pier, so we had a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound and of the boats and such. It was such a beautiful day. I had a really wonderful time. Oh, and my major accomplishments for the day? I let Maya snack on a few fresh berries straight from the baskets, with her bare dirty hands and without washing the berries first and knowing full well that God knows who had pawed through them first. YAY ME!

Just kidding.

No, I mean, she did eat the berries, but cured? lol forever.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day.


On Monday, since my husband Code Red had the day off, we went to the Monroe Fair. I had actually been dreading it, since fairs are filthy business rife with smells of fried onions, filthy carnies, and vomit. I also knew we'd have to let Maya go on some rides, like the carousel, and she'd have to, yes, once again, touch things. Like, I know you don't get how hard this is for me, to merely let my kids touch things, but trust me, it's hard.

But we had a good time. It was another sunny day, and we wandered all about the grandstands, looked at all the cows and baby cows and pigs and baby pigs and goats and baby goats and other such adorableness. I even went on a ride or two, namely, the Super Shot, which brings you up approx 923749038523 feet in the air and then drops you in a dead freefall.

Here I am getting ready to go, stomach in delicious knots:

Here I am on my way up:

And here I am after my death-defying drop:

I am hardcore, yo. Even did it with a walking cast on.

It was a blast.

I also bought a few wonderful things, like a beautiful ring for on the cheap, and an even more beautiful bracelet (for $5!! She could have sold those things for $20 at least!). I also bought some carved wooden frames with the girls' names in them, which I will put photos in and hang on the wall. Oh, oh!! And three air plants! (The pics on that link do not do them justice.) I love them, they are so beautiful and sweet. I plan to put them in gorgeous tiny vases filled with glass beads. I hope I do not kill them, as I have a habit of killing even succulents, which are basically unkillable.

Oh and I let the baby have a taste of fair food. Fair food is notorious for being, let's just say, unsanitary. But I did it. I did it.

Here are a few (thousand) photos from our adventure:

These goats were snuzzling and loving on each other.

Precious dada and Maya.

Naomi remained unimpressed by the entire experience.

Gorgeous Maya and less-gorgeous JoJo who could benefit from a tapeworm or two from ceviche.

Fairs are so exciting you have to RUN!!

Maya is astounded by the tiny, tiny piglets born 17 days ago.

Is this considered a pornographic photo? BEWBS

Naomi's first ride ever! At first she was nonplussed by the experience, then had a blast.

Here I have to show you her intense concentration on getting this pony thing just right.

My gorgeous darling and a wee goat behind her.

And last but not least, the ickiest part of the day, seeing one of those stands that sells "lotion bars." (They look just like bars of soap but they're made of waxy lotion and you rub them about your hands to moisturize them.) They offer free sample bars for you to try, and I cannot begin to fathom the amount of filthy paws that had previously manhandled those lotion bars. Creeped me out so hard.

And on top of this very pleasant weekend, I've actually felt a bit...dare I say? Happy? Who knows, because my moods change on a dime, but I've felt a lot more content the last 24 hours or so. Maybe it's my new med, which, to treat symptoms, and I quote, is "unknown how it works at this time." Good times. But hey, if it works, it works, even if I'm taking something that might make me grow a third arm.

This weekend gave me hope. but being the Debbie Downer pessimist that I am, I can only wait for the other shoe to drop.

Oh well. I had me a v. nice weekend. And I hope you all did too. :)


  1. This makes me happy. Cheersome JoJo is by far my faves. PS--Cheersome is apparently not a real word. I call shenanigans.

    PS--I promise there is actually a prezzie coming to you in the mail...I just really suck at getting things TO the post office.

    1. Can't WAIT for prezzie!!

    2. Holt up. Stop. Prezzie? Prezzie? PREZZIE? No one told me we had gotten to this level. Cue the frantic feelings of "what do you send someone who you only know via computer but communicate with on the regs?" Hm. Probably depends on who you ask. I will think on this.

    3. Bobbilynne is apparently thoughtful and kind enough to send me some sort of (undetermined-as-of-yet) prezzie. Cos she loves her some JoJo.

      But I know it will be good. If I know my BKL, a.k.a. feauxcajun, it will be good. She already sent hand-made wine charms, for goodness sake, which kicked ass. Who knows what's coming next.

      I think that you, Thea/Tee-a, and I, and FeauxCajon Bobbi should start a system whereby we send each other random shit on the regular.

      I really think this needs to happen, Of course, we will need addresses, so maybe we can find each other on FB and exchange PMs with personal info and get each other'a address. Yes?


  2. i'm so happy for you and your family fun! no one's gotten sick since the fair food or chips-from-table incident, right?

    1. Well, believe it or not, Noey's been sneezing nonstop lately...but she was also sneezing before the restaurant or the fair. So I think it might be allergies or who knows what. So far, we're good. :)

    2. i'm glad she was sneezing pre-outing so you can't blame that. and allergies aren't so bad. at least there's no green icky infectiony business.

  3. Love this post. Glad you had a good weekend, and were able to rest a bit and enjoy yourself! <3

    1. My poor ruined ankle was screaming by the end of the weekend from all the walking, but otherwise, a lovely time was had. ;)

  4. That is so awesome that you got out and enjoyed the great long weekend. Your kids look totally happy and they look like they had allot of fun. You got on a ride an everything. Baby steps!

    1. I feel good just having gotten my poor neglected children OUT OF THE HOUSE. :)

  5. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am so happy you are happy. Like SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    Gorgeous childrens are gorgeous, btw.

  6. Don't you love how happy everyone is for you? See how much people love you?

    This turn around seems nearing to the same level as seeing a Madonna in yo grilled cheese. I am so proud of you! Did it feel as amazing as you make us think it did? Does that inspire you to keep doing it? So awesome. You being happy is making me vury vury happy.

    1. I'm glad people are happy for me. I'm glad we got out there, I'm just sad it came at a price (OMG WE GOT SO SICK).

  7. What is this new medication you are on???? I MUST KNOW. i need something with a quickness as i head into the winter months for depression lest i slit my wrists.

    1. I am on a shitload of meds. The newest one is Nuvigil, but at this point I am convinced it's not doing its job. Some of my other meds are Prozac, Buspar, and Saphris, just to name a few. For awhile, the Nuvigil made me feel happier, but now it does nothing except erase my memory somehow.

      If you are unmedicated, as you mentioned recently, you're right, you do need something with a quickness. And I know you'll actually RESPOND to your medication, unlike me. Sigh.