Friday, September 7, 2012

Is This the Alanis Morissette Definition of "Ironic"?

And.........wait for it........we're all sick.

That's right. We finally get out of the house, do some fun shit, touch some fun things, and all come down with nasty colds. Who would have thought, it figures.

Take-home lesson: Never, ever, ever leave home again.

Mr. Hughes had the right idea.


  1. I know, I don't want to hear any of the "But if you keep going out more you won't be as susceptible" .....but I am seriously wondering if it's true.
    Sorry - I haven't introduced myself. My name is Lisa and I have a severe case of OCD or whatever you want to call it. I (usually, privately) refer to it as my own personal brick wall.
    I am not sure how I started reading your blog - but I have it in my favorites and I check back very often - just to see myself in the mirror again, I guess. Yep, I see a lot of myself in you. A lot. Sometimes I giggle (to myself) at what you write but mostly I sit and nod my head as if I am in the same room with you and I want you to know you are certainly not alone.
    Many good times have been ruined by me. Some germ fears overtake me at times. I am certainly not proud of it; I fully recognize that it holds me back from many, many things and good times.
    But like you said, it is baby steps. I can actually do A LITTLE bit more than I used to and sometimes I surprise myself - but I have my limits. And as long as everyone around me knows what those limits are we all get along fine.
    To me they are little things-just things to avoid- to others I am just a freak. I actually had a friend (who happens to be a nurse) take me aside once to let me know that there is "medicine out there" that can help go see a doctor. That was when we were at a hotel and the shower I was getting into (I ALWAYS have to be the first of my family/friends to use because I don't want to get into a used (wet) shower) was not draining. OMG that is something that could almost literally make me throw up -- which I never do because I can talk myself out of it when I realize how close my face has to be to a toilet or garbage can if I do! My friend called the front desk and a man (finally) came to fix it -- he was coming to plunge it will it with a TOILET plunger!!! Yes, I almost lost it and that is when my friend spoke up.
    In general, I guess I don't see what the big deal is to go to the dollar store and purchase a new toilet bowl scrubber each time (I have my cleaning lady throw it away after one use) I cannot fathom leaving one sit next to my toilet in between scrubbings!! Same thing with a plunger. Seriously? People keep it after plunging crap out of the toilet?? .....and there is sooo much more. I will share a few.....just for camaraderie....
    I can't be near anyone when they brush their teeth, I can't look at the overflow hole in my sink as I am brushing my teeth, I can't drink out of people's glasses at their house unless I am either EXTREMELY thirsty or I know for a FACT the glass is clean, Sponges are for 1 use only, If you drink out of coffee mug at a restaurant turn it to how a left handed person drinks (because there are more right handed people in the world) ---otherwise use a straw for other beverages and a biggie is do NOT touch ANY thing any more than you HAVE to. Why do people feel they have to touch EVERYthing?
    Okay, okay --- enough about me. Seriously though, I am very glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend. The cold will be gone before you know it. Just make sure everyone throws their "snot rags" (as my Mom used to call them) away after every nose blowing episode and spray your door knobs, refrigerator doors, etc., etc., etc. with Lysol and then you will be all healthy and ready for your next fun family outing. Baby steps...

    1. Well hello Lisa! I'm glad you found and read my blog! :)

      I can't believe how alike we are. Everything you said resonates with me, just like you said that the things I say, you see in yourself. I SO GET IT.

      OCD is a bitch and a half. I don't know if you took your friend's advice about there being meds out there that can help you, and while I think therapy is necessary as well, I do think there are meds than can ease the suffering and anxiety. Unfortunately for me, I haven't found the right combination and I am EXTREMELY resistant to all medications. My body just does not respond to things (anything--prescription vicodin, percocet, Advil, antidepressants, even caffeine FFS). So I'm having an extra hard go at this.

      I'm really sorry to hear you're struggling as well, but it's nice to know someone out there "gets me."

      As for the quote "But if you keep going out more you won't be as susceptible"...while I respect that and can definitely follow that school of thought, I've given it a lot of consideration and I just ultimately disagree with the Hygiene Hypothesis. I've talked about it (probably way too much) in a few places, if you're interested in reading:

      Take 1:

      Take 2:

      And finally, Take 3:

      And I guess my final thought on the matter is that I'm the proof in the pudding. Er, or something. I grew up in a FILTHY house, with a million animals, so many germs, and I caught soooo many colds. Yet I still get sick when exposed. I never "grew out of it."

      So those are my thoughts. I don't mean to babble or argue. I can respect your opinions and others, but to me, this is what makes most sense, that it behooves no one to catch colds or flu. Certain germs, like dirt and dust and dander and such, those are important to be exposed to. And God knows we are exposed to all kinds of other horrors that we simply can't avoid (because we, you know, breathe air and such). But I think that "getting out there" and getting sick is nothing to rejoice over and doesn't actually strengthen an immune system. Just my thoughts.

      Anyway, all that said, welcome, and hello new friend! :)

  2. when people give you that crap about needing to get out to get exposed...think of this. When my precious baby girl was 7 months and 4 days old I started a job at a day care. so she attended the day care while i worked. she was in the *BABY* room with only other babies and my first day was Monday morning she had a fever of 102.8 and i had to take her to the dr. she had a horrible ear infection. and thus began 12 weeks of her NEVER being well because she had what amounted to MRSA in her ears. the only thing that worked was putting tubes in and sucking out the fluid..really. :(