Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Had Me at Purell. You Had Me at Purell.

So there's apparently a new show out there called Suburgatory, and I know nothing about it, but I'll tell you what, in a mere 8 seconds, it won me over. I was fast-forwarding through the commercials of my TiVoed Dancing With the Stars, when suddenly my keen eye caught something lovely: a glimpse of Purell. I'd know it anywhere, even fast-forwarding on the fastest speed my remote control would take me. I stopped and quickly rewound, only to see a promo for this new show, and all it took for my heart to be won forever was to see a soccer mom giddily Purell-down the stripper bar before doing a brush-your-teeth dance routine on stage. Forget Dancing With the Stars. My heart now belongs to Suburgatory.

That. Is. Me.

Only Blonde.

These people. Are. You. 

After reading every one of my blogs about the Things I Do.

...I'm OK with that.


  1. :D I've seen some promos for that show, looks like it should be a good one. (d@mm*t.) Like I need to get sucked into another show. :D

  2. Hey girlie! I absolutely love your blog! Awesome writing, and awesome images. I just picked you to be a recipient of the Liebster Blog Award! I know, I know, it was the least I could do. lol.... Stop by We Got Kidz to see it... and now you've got me wanting to watch Suburgatory. It looks hilarious!

  3. I LOVE SUBURGATORY!!!! I'm a new follower! Hope you can check out my blog sometime!

    Life Under Construction

  4. Do you do these things in Paint or Photoshop? They are great :)

  5. Kesha: Aww, thank you so much! I appreciate anything that will drum up a few more followers to this poor little blog of mine! That was really sweet. :) And it was at your blog I found out Michelle Duggar is expecting baby #20. OMG YOU'RE KIDDING.

    Jeri: Great pictures on your blog. CUTE kids!!!

    mommamaynard: I use good old MS PAINT! I wish so desperately I had Photoshop, but don't have like $600 to blow on it. I want it sooooo much. But MS Paint will have to do. Oh well, it has its own charms.