Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Musings.

Do you ever think about the things you touch on the restaurant table, like the salt & pepper or the ketchup bottle or *choke* *retch* the menu, and how many people before you have touched them with God knows what on their hands?

If you never thought about this stuff before, after reading this article, I bet you will.

PS: I like how that person claims to not be a germaphobe. I beg to differ. :) Sounds an awful lot like me when I go to a restaurant...


  1. i picked up the jar of parmesan cheese in a pizza joint the other night, but then i thought of you & had to put purrel all over my hands before i could eat again.

  2. hahaha I LOVE to hear this kind of thing. I love that I and my hygienic ways are in the minds of internet friends. :D Keep up the good, clean work! ;)

  3. Speaking of food, I had a random "WWJD" moment last night. Are you able to sit through food service movies, like "Waiting", or do all the hijinx just mess with your stomach/nerves too much?

  4. Ummm...the person who wrote the article claims they aren't a germ-o-phobe? Puh-LEASE! Sounds like OCD AND denial.

  5. FeauxCajun: I never saw Waiting...don't know if I could. I can see other "germ" type movies like Contagion, but Waiting...ugh.

    Janice: I know!! That person is almost as bad as me. :)