Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekend Update

Thanksgiving was nice. We skipped the usual plan (going to my aunt & uncle's house with all the extended family) because they had been sick recently, and we spent the day with my brother and his wife, and my mom and grandma, instead. I'm so glad we did, because everyone who attended Thanksgiving at my aunt's house came down with a terrible stomach flu. Yaaaay turkey and vomit. SO glad we missed that one. But it makes me crazy how that side of the family is ALWAYS sick on holidays and other get-togethers.


So I've started seeing another psychiatrist. You may recall that my first endeavor didn't go so well--at first I liked him, but then he started rubbing me the wrong way, and when he blamed me for going "quite a long time over our time limit" when in reality his previous client had actually gone 30 minutes too long and he and I were only 5 minutes past the hour, I started questioning my relationship with him. Pus, he wasn't covered by insurance. Oops, forgot to check that one. So I stopped seeing him and just started seeing my regular family practitioner, since all we were doing was managing meds, not having talk-therapy. Finally, this became a little too much for my regular doc, and she cried uncle, and nothing was working even though I was on like 8 different meds, so I started seeing a different in-network psychiatrist. So far so good, even though we're only two sessions in.

He's a slight-framed Indian lad who I'll call Dr. P.

Dr. P has a subtle willowy barely-there lisp, but it makes him all the more endearing. It makes him sound gentle. Our first session was good--he asked about a zillion questions, some of which were incredibly hard to answer (have you ever had suicidal thoughts, have you ever harmed yourself, etc.). But I think it went well. Today, our session was a little tougher, as he doesn't specialize in "cognitive behavior therapy" (CBD) related to my OCD, so besides the usual "how're yer meds doin" chat, we couldn't talk about that much. But it was still good. He is changing up my meds, adding this, subtracting this, and he really wants me to see a therapist specializing in CBD/OCD.

Anyway, I'll be seeing him for awhile, and since you, my fans, are all hanging on to my every word I say, I will let you know if his cocktail of meds works. So far, the one I've been on for months & months now has had exactly NO effect whatsoever. And I'm on some hardcore shit. Again, my body betrays me. Nothing works on me like it does for the typical person. (Hence my SEVEN OR EIGHT MILLIGRAM DOSE (that's 7-8 tablets, kids) OF KLONOPIN, which still amounted to nothing, and a blood test confirmed that it's barely even in my system.) Sigh.


11/28/11: I've got to confess, I'm sitting here having an actual cocktail, not just a medicinal cocktail, even though I'm on SSRIs 'n "DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL"s 'n shit, because that's just how I roll. Danger is my middle name. Or Al Coholic. Whatever. I'm drinking it from my one and only martini glass, which always makes me happy. Wouldn't this glass make you happy?

And as I typed this, sitting here sipping my Sidecar, my 4-year-old came over and demanded a taste. When she asks for a taste of my wine, I dip a pinkie finger in it and let her lick it off (yay for defying hygiene!), so I did the same with my Sidecar. I said, "It probably tastes a little strong for you, Love," at which point she declared, "I LOVE SIDECARS!!" and wanted another pinkie-taste. MOTHER OF THE FUCKING YEAR OVER HYAR.

Can I get a what what!


Continued 11/29/11: I had to take Naomi to the doctor today. You know it's bad when I resort to that, since the pediatrician's office is what my nightmares are made of. I sit there in the doctor's office and pray to the Patron Saint of Rugrats that none of the other kids breathe in our direction. Anyway, we were there because the "simple" cold we all caught hit Naomi so hard (hit us hard too, but it affected the baby the worst). We were at the pediatrician's office a couple weeks ago too. This cold has lasted for four weeks as of tomorrow, and it went from a wretchedly bad cough and horrific congestion to a sinus infection and now, from today's diagnosis, a double ear infection. My poor baby. And she's always in such a good mood, even when she has to be miserable. Her whole head must hurt, and she's still coughing all the time and super snotty and phlegmy. This is exactly why I feared her getting sick. This cold didn't teach me "ahh, colds aren't that bad," it reinforced how scary they can be, having to worry constantly about her breathing during the night, etc. So now if anything I'm even more scared of the common cold. This has been a horrible month, and she still has a long way to go. Probably another couple weeks until she's better. So this "cold" and all its complications will have lasted SIX WEEKS. That is hell on a baby and her parents. So sad. So miserable.

Anyway, that's all I got for you. I've been losing my blogging mojo lately. Boo!


  1. Sounds more like food poisoning than stomach flu, since it hit everyone.

    Also, so groce. So so so so so so groce.

    What's a sidecar? Poor Nomi. :(

  2. That's another reason I don't like Thanksgiving with that particular bunch, the food. Their hygiene practices are...questionable. But I know that my cousin's boys all got sick the week before, and I kept imagining how even once they were well, all their toys were totally covered in stomach flu germs. And sure enough, my other cousin attended and got raginging sick, and so did her boyfriend and son. And others, I think. SOOO glad we didn't go, for so many reasons. I was thankful to spend it with a different crowd. :)

  3. Oh, and a sidecar is brandy, triple sec, and lemon juice or sweet & sour. Preferably with a sugar rim. And beyond delicious when made with apple brandy. Mmm.

  4. I drink so rarely, so I'm never able to have yummy cocktails at home because what's the point in buying all that alcohol? I need to come to your house.

    Also! I'm confused about what psychiatrists actually do...I mean, really you just get together and talk about meds? Are some psychiatrists a one-stop shop that will do talk therapy AND meds?

  5. Yes chesm you do need to come to my house!! :) I'll try to be more sociable and figure out a good time. Or we can get together elsewhere...but please, not a mall playground! ;)

    As for my shrink, yeah, it kind of sucks how limited I'm feeling. He doesn't do CBT, so it's kind of like just a med type thing. He asked a zillion questions to "feel me out," so that's how he's able to try to get me on the right meds, and Lord knows I need meds. But yeah, there's really no talk therapy, only brief chitchat. Gotta make a whole 'nother appointment with a whole 'nother professional for some actual tools to use in decreasing my anxiety. Sigh.

  6. Chesm. My new name for you, clearly.

  7. I hope your new doctor finds the right combo of meds to make things easier.

    I am SO there on pedi offices. When my kids were babies I would not even sit down. I'd hold them the whole time and just pace back and forth in the waiting room. Plus, I scrub down those tables with antibacterial wipes before I let them sit on them - ever since my oldest got the stomach flu FROM the doctor's office!!

  8. A sidecar sounds yummy. I don't keep much booze on hand at my house either--what we have now is leftovers from my wedding shower & bachelorette parties 5 months ago. But since I've been doing the Thirsty Thursdays on my blog, I went through a list of drink recipes that I wanted to try, and went down to our local lickup* store & bought the lil' 50mL bottles of the things I would need. Think I got like 7-8 bottles for $17. Cheaper than one regular bottle o' booze. Sometimes, I iz smartz.

    PS--hugs to the wee sick one & your future LiLo. :D

    *NOTE: typo is on purpose--that's apparently what I called it as a kid when I was first learning to read signs.

  9. i have lost my mojo too. let me know if you find yours. maybe mine is hiding in the same spot.

  10. Everyone loses their blogging mojo sometimes. I wonder, is that considered writer's block? Hmmm.....

    And yes, your glass made me happy.

  11. Bobbilynne--I know, we drank champagne and wine from our wedding for YEARS, I kind you not. Now what I'm a bored housewife, I'm sure it wouldn't last as long. ;)

    Thea & Janice: Ugh, maybe it's the dreary weather, or we already exhausted our most interesting topics, but I don't know what the deal is. I don't know what to say anymore.