Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Musings. Plus Lots of Other Random All-Consuming Fears, Unfounded or Otherwise.

This is rather a grim Monday Musing, and it has nothing to do with germs whatever, but who said I have to muse about germs? I have a lot of phobias and fears and it's my blog and I can muse about whatever I want to JEEZE. 

Today, I was musing about eyeglasses. Specifically, what happens if you're wearing eyeglasses in the car and you are in a horrible, tragic car accident? And even more specifically, if the airbag goes off and bashes you about the face? Do your eyeglasses shatter into pieces or crack in half, the force of impact shoving them into your poor innocent unsuspecting eyeballs, giving your gruesome and devastating ocular injuries?

One wonders.

This is the kind of thing my brain things about constantly. 

While we're at it and a bit off topic, let me list for you the other things I'm terrified of that don't have to do with my germ phobia:

Other things I'm freaked about:

  • Driving over a cigarette that someone flicks out of their car while driving--I'm afraid it will get caught in the underworkings of my car and it will explode my ride.
  • We have ancient and very very not-up-to-code springs in the garage door and every time I press the button to open the garage door I am afraid they will spring loose and I and my children will be decapitated.
  • I am afraid of spiderwebs everywhere and I walk around waving my arms wildly and bowing with my arms straight out as if praising the doorstep or giving worship to the gateway. If I do walk through a spiderweb, I panic and shriek and shriek and do a manic shaking flapping jumping flailing dance to try to rid myself of a spider that may or may not be on me, including flipping my hair upside down and raking my fingers through it and tousling it and shaking it all about. The I do the hokey pokey and I turn myself around. That's what it's all about.

That's really me. I guess I was embracing my fear that Halloween.

  • I'm afraid of anything pressing on my temples. No massage, no sleeping with my hand under the side of my face, etc. Because when I was little, my mom told me that pressing on my temples could cause me to die. True? False? WHO CARES. It's ingrained in my psyche.
  • I'm afraid of touching lunch meat and then not washing, because I'm afraid of getting listeria on my hands and giving it to my baby from touching said lunch meat and not washing thoroughly afterward. Even though listeria is really only an issue when you consume it while pregnant.
  • Every since I read about two boys who dropped a rock from an overpass, and it killed a pregnant woman driving underneath, I constantly envision people dropping rocks from overpasses and one falling through my car window and smashing me to smithereens.

  • We have huge old trees in our backyard and every time there's wind, I'm afraid one will crash through our bedroom window and, yes, smash us to smithereens.
  • When driving on the freeway, I'm afraid of ladders or lumber or pipes or things falling off trucks in front of me and impaling me--I will switch lanes if I am driving behind a truck carrying lumber or other metal poles or such.
  • If I am driving in a two-lane road, I am terrified, TERRIFIED, BEYOND TERRIFIED, that the other car will cross the center line and, you got it, smash me to smithereens. If it's a four-lane road, I will always drive in the far right lane. If my husband is driving, I announce, "DANGER LANE!" until he moves over.
  • I worry about getting stuck in traffic under an overpass and that there will be an earthquake at that very moment and I will be, um, smashed to smithereens by falling overpass.
  • I an obsessed with the terribly, horrible, gut-churning idea of my babies choking. Maya likes to eat gummy fruit, which are about yay big, the size of a small marble, and yet do you know what I do? I CUT THEM. I cut them until they are the size of a huckleberry.

Behold, gummies pre-cut. Note the ring for comparison.

Perfect choking size, am I right?

Well here's what I do. I slice those fuckers until they are half or a quarter of that size:

And often, even smaller. I am so, so afraid of my babies choking. 
Even gummy bites cut in half seem too scary for me.

More things I am terrified of:

  • Getting papercuts on my tongue when licking envelopes.

  • Unloading the knives out of the dishwasher--I'm convinced I will get a huge gash or a cut from reaching in to take out the cutlery.
  • When driving right beside a semi-truck on the freeway, I'm afraid it will blow a tire and the tire will explode out and will hit me and I will either swerve out of my lane to my doom or be forcibly thrown over a lane by the exploding tire, again, to my doom.
  • I'm terrified of driving and parking in downtown Seattle. The one-way streets throw me for a loop, and the brazen pedestrians cross the street at will without having the right of way so I'm always afraid I will hit someone, and the only parking available is parallel parking, and even though I technically know how to parallel park and fucking aced my fucking driver's test, I get sick to my stomach having to do it in live traffic, stopping right there in the lane, putting on my signal, and hoping people will give me enough room to back into my spot. Then I always mess it up the first time and my blood pressure goes through the roof and I have to try again, and meanwhile angry Seattle drivers are fed up with me, and I just want to crawl into my glove compartment and hide forever. So basically, if I can help it, I never, EVER drive downtown.

  • I lock the car doors if I'm at a stoplight and I see someone on the sidewalk who I fear will try to enter my car and accost me.
  • I always fear that waitresses bringing over a tray of several refilled drinks for several different customers will mix them up and give me some herpiatic cold-ridden nasty stranger's Sprite or mixed drink.

Which one's which? Whose is whose???

  • I'm afraid of catching blood-borne diseases or a raging fungal infection while getting a manicure.
  • I'm afraid of re-breaking my nose, and because my baby tends to bash her head into mine as I hold her. I never look at her straight on as I hold her close. I keep my head turned. I'm afraid she'll slam her head right into my poor damaged nose.

Happy on drugs:

Hours later, miserable, hotpacked with terrible nose and ear pain:


  • I'm afraid that my husband will keep forgetting to clean the dryer lint trap and it will cause a fire (it really can!). So I check it obsessively. 
  • I actually spend a great deal of time worrying about having a brain aneurysm or choking to death while I'm at home alone and leaving my babies unattended and thus very unsafe.
  • Every. Single. Time I step down the two steps into the baby's room, I'm afraid I will trip and fall on her and crush her.
  • I'm afraid, no matter how many times I check (and I check 479 times a day), that our back sliding glass door will be unlocked and an intruder will come in. I yank on that sucker every time I pass it, even when I know that it was locked three motherfucking minutes ago and nothing's changed since.

I don't know. There's so many more. I guess that's enough for today. 


  1. I love this post SO MUCH. We are so similar!

    - I will not let Caius touch the garage door spring because I'm afraid it will snap and cut his fingers off.
    - I once found a spider on me WHILE DRIVING IN THE CAR. Worst fear realized.
    - I'm not so concerned about my temples as I am about Caius'. I kept him up through a few naps because he bumped his head and I was convinced that if he went to sleep he wouldn't wake up...
    - I'm not afraid of a rock hitting the car, but I am afraid of someone shooting me or a stray bullet hitting Caius.
    - Choking. OMG that one is all consuming. I purchased grapes last week and they sat in the fridge and rotted because I was too freaked out to let him eat them. Even cut up they make me so nervous.
    - I just *don't* parallel park. I will go out of my way to find a garage or open spot - even if I have to pay extra. I will not parallel park unless I am on a completely deserted street.
    - Thank goodness for automatic door locks!
    - Once I woke up in the middle of the night and emailed my sister telling her that if she hadn't received an email from me by 9am the next morning to come over and check on us. I was freaked out that something would happen to me and Grant on a Friday night and Caius would be in the house, alone, all weekend.

    I can't always sympathize with your OCD tendencies, but I totally get you when it comes to general paranoia. :)

  2. I think that this is worse by far than me feeling the need to wash my hands all the time and wipe down the salt shakers and the broom handle.

    I'm able to view my little cleaning things as merely annoying, but I think I'm right in feeling that way, and I don't mind being clean. However, that big "what if" thing is crippling. It interferes with my life so much more, and I hate it. Hate, hate, hate it. It's no way to live, but I don't know how to shake it.

  3. Ches: Oh God, I've had a spider fall on my MANY times whie driving, and it takes every ast ounce of self-control not to swerve wildly and get in a fatal crash all because of little Mr. Arachnid on my shoulder. I can also sympathize with all the things you listed. You and I really are so much alike. We worry about our beloved children so, so, so much.

    Janice: Part of what I'm hoping therapy and medication can help me control are the WHAT IFS. Not only do I suffer from OCD and other phobias, but I am plagued with what they call "intrusive thoughts," ALL. DAY. LONG. I can look at any situation or scenario and think the worst, fear the worst. My mind is always entertaining terrible, terrible fantasies (not the good kind) of awful things happening. It's impossible to control. I hope I can get this sorted out, because you're right, it interferes with life tremendously.

  4. and i thought it was worrisome that i'm afraid to lift heavy things off shelves that are higher than my head. i'm always afraid it will fall and hit my face and knock my teeth out and i don't have dental ins, so i'd look like a gross hillbilly with no teeth.
    now i see that it can certainly be worse for those with more fears and intrusive thoughts plaguing them day & night.

  5. Sherilin: It's truly exhausting being me. These thoughts never leave my head. It's really sad. :(