Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Got Nommed, Y'all!

U guise!! My friend over at nominated me for Funniest Blog.  Check me out, and people--if you've ever laughed at one of my rants, or because of me you've held your breath when walking by someone who sneezed, or thought of me when touching restaurant ketchup bottles and then used some hand sani afterward, and pretty please vote for me! Click like like like! While you're there, have a look at ParenTwin and show her some love too. :)

It's a major award!!


  1. Good morning!I am a new follower from the Finding New Friends Blog Hop. Congrats on the nom. That is awesome! I would love the follow back.

    Katie - Saving and Sharing It

  2. Thanks guys! And hi Katie, nice to have you! I'd be happy to follow your blog back. :)