Thursday, October 18, 2012

She Has Joined the Purell Side.

I never liked you, Giuliana DiPandi Rancic DeGarmo MacDougal AOL Time Warner McGee, not with your giant cranium and your bizarre hairline and your emaciated frame, but I suddenly like you a lot better now.

Welcome to the dark side, baby. We serve Purell.


  1. If she's using it 1000 times a day, she needs a bigger bottle.

  2. DEF needs a bigger bottle. We're talking EconoSize. I could go through her measly little bottle in two usages. Plus, she needs to use the new Purell "Advanced," my new fave. Still, I can appreciate her efforts.

  3. you've got good company in the land of purell.

    1. See, Sherilin, what's funny is how often I employ the usage of Purell, yet I don't TRUST it. Like, if I went and used a Porta-Potty and then used GALLONS of Purell, I'd still feel fucking filthy. I like to use Purell as a hand-washing chaser. In other words, we come home, we wash out hands, THEN we use Purell. As an added precaution. But people who use JUST Purell, I don't get it. I don't feel clean. Still, better than nothing, I guess, Mrs. Rancic.

  4. Replies
    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Somehow I think I know who you are.

      Your wife

  5. I know she has been through a tough year and she beat breast cancer however does she not remind you of a character in a Tim Burton animated film? Girl needs some food. And no this is not her frame I have seen old pics of her and she actually used to look healthy