Sunday, October 21, 2012

I occasionally re-post my bumbum blogs to, hoping to gain more traffic.


I am shocked and appalled and personally afronted that there is no category for stories what fall into "science."

For example.

I usually post my stories with links to "Health, wellness, and humor."

Sometimes "Health, food, and humor."

Or even "Cooking for health, wellness, and humor."

(I am sure you can see a common thread here.)

I wish there were a category for "egregious assaults to health and wellness" or "people are fucking gross," but you do what you can.)

But when I want to re-post something like my article on how "Science Is Fun and Useful," and my only options to categorize such articles are things like, "Crafts, gardening, scrapbooking, love & sex, weddings, astrology, television, and beauty," I get a little pissed off. Where it the "It's Science, Bitches" category?? Where is it?! Why can't women bloggers blog about science? Why?

I should boycott. But that would be dumb. So I thought I'd just bitch and moan instead. Like women do.

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