Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh Adam.

So I was watching Man vs. Food Amazing Eats, Adam Richman's newest show. I was amazed and impressed when I saw the restaurant owner preparing food with latex gloves.

And then...THEN, Adam stepped in to help.

Sans gloves.

Who knows what's on that fucker's hands?

Oh Adam, you handsome, disgusting bastard.

But then, I even lost respect for the glove-clad restaurant owner, when he was preparing the world's largest pizza dough by tossing it. Because that shit touched his arms and elbows, yo. And you KNOW he didn't surgeon-scrub his arms and elbows first.


Does it bother you when pizza dough touches the chef's arms, or worse yet, when they prepare it with no gloves? 

I know that shit is baked, but srsly, who wants baked E. coli and baked staph and baked nail grime and baked bum-bum germs?


ED. NOTE: In another show, I beheld this:


Adam, you may have redeemed yourself.

....On second thought, no. But it's a nice effort.


  1. I watch a lot of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" on the Food Network and Guy Fieri always sticks his hands in and grabs a piece of whatever's being cooked. That's not a big deal to me since I assume he has washed his hands immediately before that, but the worst part is when he GOES IN FOR A SECOND HELPING. So he just sucked pulled pork off his fingers, then sticks them back in for more. EWWWW.

    1. Blyargh!!

      Oh, and ChesyBaby, you give people too much credit. There's no way Guy Fieeri washed first. ;)

      I often wonder how many people, who cook stuff for a party or a function or something, dip and re-dip fingers into their food to taste it. Or lick the spoon to taste a sauce, then stir again. Like they figure, "Eh, it's just my germs, it doesn't matter. No one will know."

      People can rest assured that when they eat food that I cook, it is positively sterile. ;)

    2. I'd eat anything you cooked Jo Jo.

  2. Adam came to my state and visited a well known place have always wanted to try. Well, I wantED to. The showed the manager making meatloaf. With bare hands. Wearing a watch AND HIS WEDDING RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! disgusting.

    1. YAAARGH

      I know a LOT of people do it, and just wash up afterward (I PRAY TO GOD), but making meatloaf with your bare hands absolutely squicks me out. You'd have to wash multiple times, and extremley thoroughly, to get raw meat germs out of the cracks and crevices of your skin and nails. :(

  3. I am always tasting what I cook. Does the 350 degree oven not kill whatevs I may have sprinkled in there? For reals. I don't think my litle germies can survive that inferno. BTW, never come to a function at my house. Do you taste what you cook for your family? Do you double dip chips that just you and your hubs are eating? Do you take off all your jewelry to cook? Do you wash your meat before you cook it? Do you rinse the lids of cans? Do you eat off of each toher's plates and drink out of each other's drinks? OMG stop it brain. I am overflowing with questions.

    1. Oh you! :D

      I have tasted what I cook for my family, but if I am preparing food for someone else, I never get my germs involved.

      I NEVER double-dip chips or veggies, even at home. The saliva bugs thrive and grow and I don't want germy dip myself. Same concept as to why you should never feed your baby from a container of baby food and then save the rest for later in the fridge--it grows bacteria while it sits.

      I almost never wear any jewelry (OMG my wedding ring is STILL too tight after having my baby, and yes, she is ONE YEAR OLD, gawwwwd). If I was wearing a ring and it was going to come in contact with the food, I'd absolutely remove it. But I always wash my hands first anyway, which includes soaping up the ring and under the ring.

      I NEVER wash meat before cooking it--that concept has been debunked anyway. It only spreads more germs--gets salmonella or e.coli all over your sink and counters.

      I don't just rinse the lids of cans, I soap them off.

      And sure, we share food. But again, only with my husband and kids, not other family or friends.


  4. Hubby was a chef before changing professions for our family awwwww.....
    Anyhow, none of em cook with gloves...just FYI..He worked in some of Toronto's top restaurant and never wore gloves. They were very strict with cross contamination and hand washing though. Know why chef's were those hats? To catch hair and sweat and stop it from getting into your food. Some even wear bandanas under the hats if they are big sweaters.
    I know they clean their hands alot if they are in a decent restaurant.
    When I worked at Mc'D's back in the day 1994-1996 we didn't wear gloves for food prep either..but we did use hand sani galor. It was on every wall.

    P.S as per usual your blog hates me and won't let me sign in as a Wordpress user lol. 3 tries and I give up and will do it manually. I swear I just have the worse luck with this here bloggy blog. I read all the time and want to speak..but always get blocked and give up.

    1. Sorry my blog hates you! :)

      And sure, the theory goes that chefs and food handlers wash thoroughly and don't cross-contaminate and wash every time they touch a lightswitch or button or handle or money, and if that were the case, all would be well. But I've seen far, far too many chefs or food handlers not wash properly.

  5. I worked in the pizza biz for 3.5 years...we didn't wear gloves, BUT there were hand-sani dispensers on the wall right by the dough station, by the toppings line, and back in the food prep area. Sinks by the toppings line & back in the back as well. I was pretty well always washing my hands & such because, well, pizza toppings are gross & either greasy or slimy or wet and I don't want to carry them around on my person, TYVM.

    Anything in excess of 250 F should kill off most common bacteria & germies. That's the temp most labs use to sterilize stuff as well. For the record, Papa Juan's cookifies their germspizzas at 483F for 12-15 minutes. I cannot vouch for any other pie-place.

    When I worked at the deli in N'awlins, we had fewer hand-sani dispensers, but more sinks. All sandwich/meat slicer people had to use gloves and ANYONE who worked in the kitchen area had to wear a bandana or hairnet or chef hat.

    But yeah...even so, seeing some of those guys touchin' food... Groders, man.

    1. I think the issue with using gloves in a pizza place would be sheer volume. I mean...we typically had one person tossing dough, and 1-2 people on the toppings line...and if you're really picky & want the person cutting it after it comes out of the oven to have gloves as well (we were trained on how to cut it without ever touching the pizza w/our hands)... that's 4 sets of gloves for each pizza (assuming the gloves get grody/funky after each pizza). A medium-volume pizza place sells probably 200-300+ plus pizzas a day. A box of nitrile gloves has 100 gloves, so you're going through a box every 25 pies. 8 gloves * 300 pies = 2400 gloves going in the garbage each day, at a cost of about $60 in gloves each day.

      Think they're better off with the hand-sani. At least with the hand-sani or a sink, you can wash all the way up to your elbows if you want.

    2. Eh, hand sani isn't as good at killing germs as thoroughly soaping up. Plus, it would get into the food from your hands.

      And anyway, most pizza places have dedicated pizza makers; as in, they're not the ones taking orders or handling money. So unless they touched something germy in between, they wouldn't have to change their gloves 300 times a day.

    3. Um, not at my pizza place. If you were in the store, you were responsible for doing whatever needed to be done, be it making pies or answering the phones or taking orders. But we were carry out only. It might be different at places that have dine-in.

  6. See, FeauxCajun has proved my point...all the germies get cooked! The thought of having Handi sani in my food makes me gag.

    ps...please start wearing a harinet for family food preparation. hawt and zexy.
    pps...I enjoy FeauxCajun reply to her own comments. know it is I, Lady T here, right?

    1. Hrm... Lady T...I know no Lady T...

      Perhaps you mean "Awesome period, formerly known as Lady T"? :) And yes--I have discovered some time ago that when I hover the lil' arrow over people's names, it reveals their true identity--such powerful magic in the interwebs! (Okay, I've OFFICIALLY been reading too much Harry Potter.)

      I figured it was better to filter my mathbomb into a separate comment, so people could choose to ignore it. Sometimes reading math just makes me zone out. Which is bad when you have a science-related jobby-job...

    2. Awesome period will see your reply and raise you a reply...

      1. math makes me sweat.
      2. the hover cursor thing does not work on me computer. interwebs fail.
      3. we have totally hijacked JoJo's post about disgusting food prep people.

    3. Ms. Nose Douche McCajun will see your reply and raise YOU an EXCLAMATION POINT!!!! (or four...I'm sooooo not bluffing)

      1. I assume you mean sweat in a "damm dat's hawttt" type of way and not a "night terrors" way.
      2. Boo! Sounds like you need a new 'puter...which sounds/looks way too much like some other word that has an entirely different meaning...
      3. Indeed. To be slightly ON topic, I have worked in a couple different food type businesses & always anticipated that at some point I would see someone do something truly awful to food, like what you see in "Waiting".... but I can say I never did. At the pizza place, I had one coworker who kept track of the bad tippers, and if they were habitual bad tippers, or extremely rude people, she would deliver their pie last (if doing several runs at one time) and sometimes even set the box open in her back seat so that it was cold by the time it got to them.

      There was another guy who had a vendetta against this customer who always pitched a fit about the pepperoncinis--he hated them, he wanted them no where near his pizza, none in the box, nothing. If he could see a damp spot like we had accidentally put them in the box & then taken them out, he'd demand a whole new pizza. So...when that guy came in, one of my coworkers (if he was the one cutting the pizza) would squeeze the pepperoncini juice all over the pie (out of sight from the guy) before giving it to him. I asked him, "what if the guy's allergic?" He replied, "he keeps coming back, doesn't he? Obviously he likes what he's getting."

  7. I believe her in Cali it is mandatory to wear gloves while prepping food. Yeah

    1. YAY! Now I just hope they do. I mean, it's also "mandatory" to have good hand hygiene when preparing food, but God knows too many people don't.

  8. I am a big Adam Richman fan, but he does let you see how everyone is sort of bare-handing everything. Very seldom are the folks on there wearing gloves.

    Sorry I've been MIA. I suck.

  9. Wow, you are so observant! Fingers crossed that guy washed his hands and scrubbed all the way up to his elbows first. hey, you never know! I just got done disinfecting my house and feel much better :-) Gotta love some spring cleaning!