Saturday, June 30, 2012

How Does This Happen?

Hand Sani Recalled Due to Bacterial Contamination.

I guess that "dangerous bacteria" was part of the 0.01% of germs that Purell doesn't kill. I MEAN FUCK. How in the what the what even I can't.

How is this even possible?


  1. Whoaaa, the dice photo makes my head hurt, and still, I can't stop staring.

  2. One a them crazy Canadian bacterias. Looks like a moose under a microscope. Can only be killed by Tim Hortons.

    (PS...the captcha I was just given? contained the phrase "ooo poo".

    How appropriate.

  3. This is precisely why I think sani is way overrated. Killing the good stuff and not the bad.

    We shall agree to disagree, I know, my sweet.